The Velveteen Rabbit

[F4A] [Story time] [Wholesome] [Abridged version] [10min] Listen on Patreon The Velveteen Rabbit 🐇 For my exclusive this month, I wanted to share with you one of my all-time childhood favorites, The Velveteen Rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit is a British children’s book written by Margery Williams. It tells the tale...

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Don’t Get Bored of Me

[F4M] [Playful little sister] [Licking, kissing, BJ] but(t) [Surprise!!] Hehehe! I love to tease ❤ [4min short] Listen on Patreon

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You’re The Reason Why I Skipped Dessert

[F4M] [Naughty after-date fun] [Sweet girlfriend] [Against the Wall] [Fingering] [Breathy moans ‘n whimpers] [Keep your clothes on] [Cunnilingus] [Begging] [Kissing] [Returning the favor] [Happy blowjob] [Fuck, I love your cock ] [20min] Listen on Patreon

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Navy Seal Copypasta

“You think you can get away with saying bad things about yourself? Think again, sweetie!!” Script by LiveJoker Bad Word Version Mommy Version

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My Party, My Cum

[F4M] [Switchy] [Cum hungry] [Party host] [Blowjob] [Mentions of gangbang] [9min] Listen on Patreon

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Releasing Your Touch-Starved Succubus

ASMR || Releasing Your Touch-Starved Succubus [F4M] [Fdom] [Sensual] [Monster girl] [CNC] [Playing with my food] [Kisses] [Who’s been a bad boy?] [Pressing you into the bed] [Wrap your body with mine] [Blowjob’n ALL the cock kisses] [Sound effects] [Binaural] [23min] Listen on Patreon

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