Hello! I'm SkittyKat

I’m a self-taught voice actress who creates fantasy roleplays for an adult audience. My brand is “wholesome, but lewd”, so I also love making sweet comforting audios for sleep and relaxation. My cuddly YouTube channel reaches over 800k+ views a month!

I started recording in 2018 as a hobby, and it has grown into a part-time career thanks to the support of my wonderful listeners.

While my fantasies are generally geared towards a male audience, it is my goal as a creator to make more inclusive content. This includes more audios for ladies, trans, and non-binary friends.

Art Credits

Banner Art

VTuber Model & Rigger (coming soon)

Emote Artist

Character Costume Design


At least 18.

Decembruary 35th.

I request to be your jetpack.

More sleep. People to stop littering. More wishes!


3Dio Free Space XLR

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Blue Snow Ball (retired)