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Sweet Naughty Puppy Requests a Blowie

Sweet Naughty Puppy Requests a Blowie [F4M/TF] [Fsub] [Dog girl] [Master/pet] [Ddlg/Mdlg] [Naive] [Eager] [Loving] [Headpats] [Kisses] [I want you to feel good] [Love your scent] [Licking] [Very eager BJ] [Your forever good girl] [Deep mouthpie] [L-bomb] [Cuddles] Script: FredRiting Preview Audio In the original script, it’s a master/pet dynamic....

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I’ll Curse You if You Don’t Cum for Me

I’ll Curse You if You Don’t Cum for Me [F4m] / [F4TF] [Goth girl] [Classmate] with [Attitude] [CFNM] [Wiccan ritual] stay in the f*ing [Magical circle] [Impatient] [Kissing] [Spit] [Handjob] [Wet sounds] [We’re running out of time] [Blowjob] [Headpats] on [Lap] [12:25] Preview & Link “You’re lucky, I’m not making...

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Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust

Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust [F4A] [Religious] [Breastplay] [Milk] [Comforting] [Kissing] [Wet sounds] [Ear Licking] lots of [Moans] [Whispers] [Holding you close] [Cumming together] [3Dio] [12:42] Preview & Link As an agonistic, I’m a bit naïve about religion. But hopefully we can still have some fun with this. Will...

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Will You Spot Me, Please

Will You Spot Me, Please? 🏋️‍♀️ [F4M] [Cute girl] [Strangers to Future Gym Buddies] [Outercourse] [Yoga Pants] [Wet Spot] [Exhibitionism] [Teasing] [Dirty Talk] mentions of [Squirting] [Almost orgasm] [Maybe more?] [10min] + Bonus Outtake Preview & Link Always wipe your gym equipment down, okay? It’s common courtesy. This lil script...

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It’s Not Just Tiny, It’s Adorable!

It’s Not Just Tiny, It’s Adorable! [F4M/TF] [BFF to BFF with benefits] [Playful] [Peptalk] [Petting] [Glossy kisses] [More kisses!] [Small peen appreciation] [Kissjob] [Facial] [16min] Writer: Kissy Preview & Link Ngl, your best friend is kinda weird. I think she just wants an excuse to kiss you. Premise: Your BFF wants...

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Creamy Reward from Mistress

Creamy Reward from Mistress 🍦 [F4A] [Fdom] [Futa] [Naked listener/clothed Skitty] [For my enjoyment] [Suck me off] [BJ] [Look up at me, darling] [Praise] [L-bomb] [6:44 MIN] FREE Preview This was a listener submitted script. Less than 400 words! Skitty is a happy girl and loves her quickies! ❤  Premise:...

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You Taste like Peanut Butter

You Taste like Peanut Butter 🐶  [F4A] [SFW] [ASMR] [Ramble] [Moonie is visiting Skitty] [Pupper] [Mouth sounds] [Lick spoon] [Lick me] [Lick you] [Lick ears] [Pats’n scritchies] [12min] + Cute GIF   Moonie is visiting me today! It’s always a good day when I get to see my good girl....

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My Little Prince

My Little Prince 👑 [F4M] [Gentlest Fdom] [Girlfriend to mommy] [Mdlb] [Age regression] [3Dio ASMR] [Comforting] [Slow build] [Tucking in] a [Shy] [Good boy] with [Kisses] [Handjob] [Suckle on mommy] [Lots of encouragement] [Missionary] [Leg locked] [I love you] [Wholesome] [Aftercare] [26min] FREE Preview This is a long but very...

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