Wiggle for Daddy 🍑

Wiggle for Daddy 🍑

[F4M] Wiggle for Daddy 🍑 [Fsub] [Ddlg] [Dom/Sub] [Edging] [Dirty talk] [Your cock between my cozy cheeks] [Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle] [Your sub is a fucking tease] [Thrust between my thighs] [Tasting you] [Pull panties aside] [Rough] [From behind] [Cuddle fuck] [Mutual Orgasm] [Creampie] [More cuddles]

Who likes butts?? I do! But maybe… I also have I thing for 🍆. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Premise: You’ve got a brat.

I’ve been such a bad girl, Daddy. 

Wiggling my cute little ass against you,
and saying so many dirty things.

Teach me how to behave.

Inclusivity notes: 

  • Pet names: daddy
  • Body mentions: implied that you’re big. but when you’ve got a smol gremlin like me, you’re a decent size whatever you may be :3

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