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Why not me? [F4A] [Friends to lovers] [Childhood friends] [Breakups suck] [Comforting] [Confession] [I care about you] [Kisses] [L-bombs] [Teary] [Laughs] so many [Feels] [Sweet ending]
Cuddle with Mommy [F4M] [sweet] [sleep aid] [reassuring] [sfw] [platonic, but still too "kinky" for PTA :P]
Dreams of a Road Trip [F4A] [Loving] [Caring] [GFE] [Motivation] [Emotional] [Teary] [Kisses] [Whispers] [Cuddling] [Sweet AF] [ASMR] [Breathe with me]]
It's so nice to wake up and get to snuggle with you [F4A] [Sweet] [Sleepy] [GFE] [I like your butt!] [Giggles] and [Kisses]
Shouldn't you be sleeping? [F4A] [GFE] [Sweet] [Whispers] [Reassurance] [Rustling bedsheets] [Cuddles] [Kisses] [Bribing you]
Confession from your Tomboy Girl Friend [F4M] [SFW] [Voicemail] [Tired of being one of the boys] [Nervous] [Sweet] [I like you] [Handholding]
You kept me up, so I'm sleeping in today [F4M] [GFE] [Yawn] [Cute] [Playful Negging] [Cuddles] [Tickle ATTACK!] [Laughing] [Snuggle] [Kisses] [F4A] if you ignore ["Handsome"]
Windy Night [F4M] [Scared] [Daddy?] [Keep me company] [Cute] [Windy ambiance] [Sleepy] [Snuggle]
I'll Protect You [F4M] [Cute] [Big sis/lil bro] [Sleepy] [Grumble] [Be a big boy and go back to bed] [Bad dreams?] [Comfort] [Snuggle] [Kiss] [Goodnight]
Stuck in Bed [F4A] [GFE] [Quiet sick voice] [Sniffles] [Coughs] [Overexerted myself] [Stay with me?] [Snuggle]
Since You’re Not Getting The Point [Friends To Lovers] [Voicemail] [Nervous drunk confession] [Crushing hard] [A little emotional]
Back to Sleep [F4A] [GFE] [Mornings Suck] [So Sleepy] [Please Stay] [Snuggles] [2 Shorts] Zzz
Love Your Forever [F4A] [Story] [Sweet] [Singing] [Loving Relationship] [Parent & Child] [Robert Munsch]