Personal Requests: CLOSED / Business Inquiries: OPEN

Very rarely. Especially if you just want a private commission. I spend hours if not entire evenings recording and editing my audios. With the amount of work I put in, I rather work for free and share my content with the public than a single individual.

That said, I’d be happy to look at a script and give you my thoughts.

Maybe. I would still need a script first. No promises on the fill, but I’d be happy to look at it.

Yes, and I could do yours for free too. A commission would merely push you ahead of the public queue, which can be months out.

If you want to improve your chances of a fill, yes. I do not have time to write content for private commissions.

I’d recommend checking out r/GWAScriptGuild/ 

1000 words is about 10 minutes of audio.  

I’m bad with pricing myself, but it’s not cheap. I’ll give you a quote once I see the script. I can then gauge how much time and work would be required. If I do not take your script, you can always submit it to r/gonewildaudio or r/pillowtalkaudio. Another voice might be able to bring your script to life.

Use the form below or message me on Reddit.

Can take anywhere from a week to a month. Depends on how busy I am.

Ready to Submit? ; )

Optional for suggestions.