A Morning Pounding

A Morning Pounding

[F4M/TF] A Morning Pounding [Fitness ‘droid] [Fsub] a very early [Morning BJ] [Pinned down] [Mild Self-degradation] [Show me your moves] [Doggy] [Pronebone] [This is for science] [Paint my back] [Messy]

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Did you indulge a little too much during the festive season? Worry not my friends, I have a little workout for us! Remember our ol’ fitness bot? She’s feeling a little needy today. Think you can help her out?

Premise: Your fitness assistance has a new upgrade.

Show me how much you want to make me cum with just your cock.

Faster. FASTER!

That’s it boss. I’m so, so close.

If you keep improving at this rate, I’ll be your full time fitness slut!

Inclusivity notes: 

  • Pet names: boss
  • Body mentions: cock, balls, no other specific attributes 
  • I’d say this script is geared more towards my cis-male listeners. No gendered pronouns are used, so if you’re a trans-fem listener and you’re okay with the notes above, listen away~

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