Harder, Faster, Stronger!

Harder, Faster, Stronger!

Harder, Faster, Stronger!
[F4M/F/TF/TM] [4 Versions] [Endurance Test] [Virtual trainer] [Hydrate] with my [Milk] [Suckle on Breasts] [Spit] [Fingering]/[Handjob]/[Cock warming] [Cow girl] [Kegal exercise] [Edging] [Good boy/girl] [Envision your goals!] [Permission to cum] [Countdown] [My champ <3]

This audio is a P@treon early access. Please see Preview for links.

Unlocked post has ramble and behind the scenes outtakes.

Premise: Your virtual assistant is back for more!

Your workout today will be an endurance test!

Your goal is to hold off cumming until I give you permission to.

Don’t be fooled, this won’t be an easy exercise.

I’ve turned up the intensity just for you!

We won’t stop until you beg for release.

Inclusivity notes: 

  • Your petnames: champ, good boy/girl
  • BOTTOMS… You have a cock and you get ridden. Creampie me!
  • TOPS… You get fingered, and we play with a double-ended toy. You’re riding me. There’s mention of a “sensitive spot” (could be g- or p-spot). Toy can go in pussy or ass. The only mention of “pussy” is mine. Cis-boys, you can listen too if you’d like an ass-fucking.

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