Tag: <span>for her</span>

Tag: for her

Harder, Faster, Stronger!

Harder, Faster, Stronger! [F4M/F/TF/TM] [4 Versions] [Endurance Test] [Virtual trainer] [Hydrate] with my [Milk] [Suckle on Breasts] [Spit] [Fingering]/[Handjob]/[Cock warming] [Cow girl] [Kegal exercise] [Edging] [Good boy/girl] [Envision your goals!] [Permission to cum] [Countdown] [My champ <3] Boys, if you just want audio version Alt versions via Reddit (F4F/TF/TM/M) This audio is a P@treon early access. Please see Preview for …

Your Best Friend Wants to Try Kissing

[F4A] Your Best Friend Wants to Try Kissing [Virgins] [Friends to Maybe more] [Edumacational] [Learn to Kiss] [Wholesome] [Nervous] [No pressure] [Relationship bases; 1-2-3] [Touching] [Over clothes] [Under clothes] [I’m ticklish!] [Horni] but [No sex] [Mentions of Pizza] [22min] 🍕⚾ See YouTube description for link to full audio I got a listener request to delve into what it’s like to …

Mommy Lovingly Smothers You

[F4A] Mommy Lovingly Smothers You [ASMR] [Gentle Fdom] [Ear licking] [Breathy] [Breast smothering] [Comfort] [Possessive] [Pinning you down] [Please don’t struggle] [Grinding] [Face sitting] [Breath play] [Moans] [Edging] [No finish] [Good toys behave] [3Dio] [Experimental] [Script fill]: CrimsonKid Audio Link via Reddit

Goth Girl sits on your face for a Succubus Summoning

Goth Girl sits on your face for a Succubus Summoning [F4A] [Femdom] [Goth] [Classmate] [Attitude] [Ritual] [Summoning] [BDSM-ish] [Facesitting] & [Thigh squish] with [3Dio] [Touch yourself] [You get to cum too] [Skitty Swears] [Lost in the moment] [15min] Preview & Link Time for another summon! Please use headphones if you’d like a more immersive 3Dio listen. Hopefully you can hear …

Earn my cock, Sweet Pet

[F4M / F4F / F4A] Earn my cock, Sweet Pet [Gentle Fdom] [Petplay] a [Princess] and her [Virgin] [Puppy / Kitten] [You’re my property now] [Obey] [Praise] [Breastplay] [Kissing] [BJ] [Fingering] [Body appreciation] Skitty has a [Thicc cock] [Doggy] [Missionary] you get [Creampie]’d [Script fill]: SIM Audio via Reddit Version for Puppies: (see Reddit link for Kitten)

Sweet Release

Sweet Release [F4F] / [F4TF] [GFE] [ASMR] [Encouragement] [Mutual masturbation] [Ear licking] [Moaning] [Good girl] [Body appreciation] [Breast play] [Kissing] [Fingering/Rubbing] [Our little fantasy] [Slow’n steady] [Sweet talk] [Needy] [Breathless finish] [Wholesome] [L-bombs] [OC] [17min] Audio via Reddit

Creamy Reward from Mistress

Creamy Reward from Mistress 🍦 [F4A] [Fdom] [Futa] [Naked listener/clothed Skitty] [For my enjoyment] [Suck me off] [BJ] [Look up at me, darling] [Praise] [L-bomb] [6:44 MIN] FREE Preview This was a listener submitted script. Less than 400 words! Skitty is a happy girl and loves her quickies! ❤  Premise: You’ve been waiting patiently for mistress to come home, ready …

Always come for big sis, okay?

[F4M] / [F4F] Always come for big sis, okay? [Gentle Fdom] [Step-siblings] [Incest] [You’re obviously an adult] [Comfort] [Caught off guard] [Shy listener] [Handjob / Fingering] [Stop and go] [Wet sounds] [Moan for me] [Praise] [Kisses] [Proud of you] [A little ASMR] [Wholesome] [9 min] Audio via Reddit