Sweet Release

Sweet Release

Sweet Release

[F4F] / [F4TF] [GFE] [ASMR] [Encouragement] [Mutual masturbation] [Ear licking] [Moaning] [Good girl] [Body appreciation] [Breast play] [Kissing] [Fingering/Rubbing] [Our little fantasy] [Slow’n steady] [Sweet talk] [Needy] [Breathless finish] [Wholesome] [L-bombs] [OC] [17min]

Skitty is feeling a pent up. Maybe we can get off together. A little bit of a JOI/SI-ish audio… while I kiss and play along. Ooo, and bring your headphones for the ASMR! 🎧

Note: If you don’t like earlicking foreplay skip 3:20 – 7:40.

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Audio [17+ min]:

We’ll do this together, so don’t rush okay?

No matter how good this is gonna feel.

Just follow my rhythm. Do you understand?

Story with credits to Tiramizu (OG writer), Fredriting, and Skitty

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: girlfriend, love, good girl, sweet heart
  • 4F body mentions: breasts, pussy, clit
  • 4TF body mentions: breasts, girl cock

One comment

  1. Kevin

    I guess as a male, I can use this erotic audio as ASMR to fall asleep. It’s not too loud and is best for guys to relax, feel erotic and fall asleep. It’s so good and sensual I feel like my brain is melting.

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