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Mommy Lovingly Smothers You

[F4A] Mommy Lovingly Smothers You [ASMR] [Gentle Fdom] [Ear licking] [Breathy] [Breast smothering] [Comfort] [Possessive] [Pinning you down] [Please don’t struggle] [Grinding] [Face sitting] [Breath play] [Moans] [Edging] [No finish] [Good toys behave] [3Dio] [Experimental] [Script fill]: CrimsonKid Audio Link via Reddit

Succubus Mommy Milks and Uses Her Good Boy / Girl

[F4M] / [F4TF] Succubus Mommy Milks and Uses Her Good Boy / Girl [Gentle Fdom] [Rape] [ASMR] [Cleaning You Up] [I Have To Milk You Again, But I’ll Be Gentle] [Pheromones] [Drugging] [Mind Break] [Handjob] [BJ] [Creampie] [Multiple O’s] [Forced Orgasm] [Aftercare] [Script fill]: theycalledhimquiet NSFW Audio via Reddit

Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy [F4M] [ASMR] [Switchy] [Cute] [Girlfriend] but [Call me Mommy] [Petplay] [Shhh, don’t speak] [Leash tug] [Straddle]’n [Grind] [Blowjob] [Kisses] [Face sitting] [3Dio Thigh squish] [Use your tongue] [Good puppy] [Luv you] [Bed squeaks] [Mutual orgasm] [Binaural] [11min] Audio via Reddit

Sweet Release

Sweet Release [F4F] / [F4TF] [GFE] [ASMR] [Encouragement] [Mutual masturbation] [Ear licking] [Moaning] [Good girl] [Body appreciation] [Breast play] [Kissing] [Fingering/Rubbing] [Our little fantasy] [Slow’n steady] [Sweet talk] [Needy] [Breathless finish] [Wholesome] [L-bombs] [OC] [17min] Audio via Reddit

Oh? You’re still in bed

Oh? You’re still in bed… that’s okay [F4A] [GFE] [Under the weather] [Sniffles] [Staying in] [I’m not afraid to kiss you] [Unprotected hand holding] [Sweet] [Comforting] [Cuddles] [Please take care of yourself] [Protective] and [Possessive] [L-bombs] [ASMR] [3Dio] [SFW] [12 min] Audio via Reddit

Mommy is Your Cocktease

Mommy is your Cocktease [F4M] [Gentle Fdom] [Md/lb] [ASMR] [3Dio] [Lube] [Wetsounds] [You’ve been naughty] [Handjob] [Stroke’n sucked] [Who’s more needy? You or me…] [Edging] [Possessive] [Kisses] [L-Bombs] [Sweet dirty talk] [Permission to cum] [Pampered] [Snuggle] [12min] Audio via Reddit