Big Sis Will Be Your Girlfriend

Big Sis Will Be Your Girlfriend

Big Sis Will Be Your Girlfriend [F4M] [Gentle Fdom] [Loving] [Whispers] [ASMR] [Mouth sounds] [Your first time] [Teaching] a [Shy] [Good boy] how to [Kiss] [BJ] [L-bombs] [Small penis appreciation] [Cuddles] and [Stroking] you to [Sleep]

7/02 Update: PH does not want to reinstate video, so this will be a Skitty site exclusive.
6/30 Update: PH has wrongfully removed the video. Will be contacting support.

Originally a member-exclusive audio, it’s now released for public consumption! This little audio was inspired by a very good boy. Hope you enjoy!

Never had a girlfriend before?

That’s okay, big sis will teach you everything.

Plus, I’ve always wondered what you taste like <3

Alt Title: Big Step-sis Will Be Your Girlfriend. “Step-” mention required by PornHub.


  1. Giraffes

    I just wanted to say that it felt really overwhelming how gently you went about everything in this – I hadn’t realized that I felt this intensely vulnerable about a lot of these things and you made it feel safe to feel everything, ty. And the tone or the voice you kept really really helped bring up difficult feelings easier.

    A few things recently poked at my fear of intimacy, and I feel like this cleared some confusion and helped address those fears a little bit, so thank you for that. And I tend to focus a lot on triggers and how finicky or vulnerable those are for me, but simple intimacy has been one of the toughest things for me. I’ll try to work on that too.

    Also things didn’t feel abrupt at any point, and I can’t express how safe, sleepy and just perfect the ending felt. I was so safe and ok.

    So I really wanted to try thanking you for that, and for making things feel that incredibly safe. I got so overwhelmed while listening also, and I’m still shy on that end, but I just wanted to say that I was really into it idk.

    [I’m realizing that maybe I had commented back then, but this felt like a first listen just now and I got very emotional.]

    1. Harper

      Dangit. I’m waaaaaay late to the Skitty party.

      The raw, barely held back emotions you put into the line “Do you love me back…?” at 7:21 astounds me. Love, doubt, yearning, lust, even hints of regret and anticipation, but what comes through clearest to me is a tiny spark of hope nearly suffocated by fear of rejection. Big sis absolutely NEEDS her little brother to love her the same way she loves him; she’s not going to be alright for a very long time if he doesn’t.

      You fit all of that into a two second line, with just a broken whisper across five syllables. You’re incredible.

  2. Serriff

    To be honest, none of us who listen to this, want the word “step-” in there to begins with. It ruins the fantasy, the dirtiness of it. Pls, by all means, leave the word “step-” out all you’d like 😁. Oh, and I’ve fallen in love with your voice. You do wonderful work.

  3. DarkNorthZ

    Wow! Thank you so much Skitty♥️ this is my first time listening to this audio and because of the wet mouth sounds you made it actually made me cum for the first time! I was shocked at how good this audio was.

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