Mommy Lovingly Smothers You

Mommy Lovingly Smothers You

[F4A] Mommy Lovingly Smothers You [ASMR] [Gentle Fdom] [Ear licking] [Breathy] [Breast smothering] [Comfort] [Possessive] [Pinning you down] [Please don’t struggle] [Grinding] [Face sitting] [Breath play] [Moans] [Edging] [No finish] [Good toys behave] [3Dio] [Experimental] [Script fill]: CrimsonKid

This is a bit different from my usual roleplays; a little more raw and experimental. You can definitely hear me shuffle around on my couch. Nothing escapes the 3Dio mic! 😅

Put your headphones on, close your eyes, and let me stuff you under my shirt and straddle your face.

Mommy is in control!
Sweeties like you need to behave!
I’m going to tuck you into my shirt again
And let my bare breasts smother your cute face

Script by CrimsonKid

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: sweetheart, sweetie, toy
  • body mentions: nothing specific

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