Mommy is Your Cocktease

Mommy is Your Cocktease

Mommy is your Cocktease [F4M] [Gentle Fdom] [Md/lb] [ASMR] [3Dio] [Lube] [Wetsounds] [You’ve been naughty] [Handjob] [Stroke’n sucked] [Who’s more needy? You or me…] [Edging] [Possessive] [Kisses] [L-Bombs] [Sweet dirty talk] [Permission to cum] [Pampered] [Snuggle] [12min]

I got out my lube and toy for this. Mommy got quite the arm workout recording this, but it’s all worth it if you enjoyed yourself.
[Use headphones for best ASMR experience ๐ŸŽง]
You’ve teased mommy all day.
It’s time I take a little something from you.
I want to play with you.
I want you.
Original by skitty


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