Tag: <span>wetsounds</span>

Tag: wetsounds

Mommy is Your Cocktease

Mommy is your Cocktease [F4M] [Gentle Fdom] [Md/lb] [ASMR] [3Dio] [Lube] [Wetsounds] [You’ve been naughty] [Handjob] [Stroke’n sucked] [Who’s more needy? You or me…] [Edging] [Possessive] [Kisses] [L-Bombs] [Sweet dirty talk] [Permission to cum] [Pampered] [Snuggle] [12min] Audio via Reddit

Fae Knight Takes You Captive

Fae Knight Takes You Captive [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] [Fdom] [Rape] [Deep-voice Skitty] [Fantasy] [Spoils of war] [Virgin] [Stripped ‘n ravished] [Do not plead with me] [Kisses] [Body appreciation] [Good boy/girl] [Forceful] [Oral] [Penetrative sex] [Aftercare] [Trans-friendly] [Script: LateStageInfernalism] [35min] Audio via Reddit

Pantyjob from Mommy

Pantyjob from Mommy [F4M] [Gentle Fdom][Md/lb] [Age Regression] [Fingering] [Mommy] [Moaning] [Suckle on me] [Licking] [BJ] [Encouragement] [Good boy] [Wet sounds] [HJ] [Jerking you off] with [White lacey panties] Listen on Soundgasm

Big Brother, You Knead Me

Big Brother, You Knead Me [F4M] [Incest] [Fsub] [Needy little sis] [Legal Teen] [Naked in your bed] [Massage Gone Wild] [Dirty Talk] [Knowing my weak spots] [Whimpers] and [Moans] [Breathy] [Wet sounds] [Riding your cock] [Creampie] [Happy ending] [17min] Listen on Reddit

Happy Lil’ Sushi Roll

Happy Lil’ Sushi Roll [F4F] [Skitty is Daddy] [Can’t sleep?] [Suck my thumb] [Good girl] [Pet names] [Grinding] [Ride my cock] [Deep moans] [Groaning] [Wet sounds] [Creampie] [Cuddles] [Be the sushi, become the sushi]… maybe [Futa] Listen on Reddit