Always come for big sis, okay?

Always come for big sis, okay?

[F4M] / [F4F] Always come for big sis, okay? [Gentle Fdom] [Step-siblings] [Incest] [You’re obviously an adult] [Comfort] [Caught off guard] [Shy listener] [Handjob / Fingering] [Stop and go] [Wet sounds] [Moan for me] [Praise] [Kisses] [Proud of you] [A little ASMR] [Wholesome] [9 min]

We start off very cozy and sweet, almost feels like one of my wholesome audios… until I reveal I’ve seen your browser history. Someone’s been naughty…

AUDIO: For Good Boys, click here for F4M || For Good Girls, click here for F4F

You don’t have to hold back your moans
That’s how I know I’m doing it right
Now thrust your hips for me. Good <3
Get yourself close for me. All the way to the edge…

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: both: sweetie // gendered: good boy, big boy; good girl, cute girl
  • boy body mentions: being hard, having cock
  • girl body mentions: being wet, having clit, fingers “being inside you”, no vagina mention

》Based on a script by anonymous. Alternations for F4F was written by Skitty. This script was a part of a 450 wordcount challenge. You don’t need a lot for a hot quicky.


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