Fae Knight Takes You Captive

Fae Knight Takes You Captive

Fae Knight Takes You Captive [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] [Fdom] [Rape] [Futa] aka [Skitty has a cock] [Deep-voice] [Fantasy] [Spoils of war] [Virgin] [Stripped ‘n ravished] [Do not plead with me] [Kisses] [Body appreciation] [Good boy/girl] [Forceful] [Oral] [Penetrative sex] [Aftercare] [Trans-friendly] [Script: LateStageInfernalism] [35min]

The war is lost. Come now human, there is no shame in welcoming the inevitable.
AUDIO: For boys, click here for F4M || For girls, click here for F4F || For everyone, click here for F4A

The only difference between the versions is the inclusion or exclusion of pronouns. The roleplay is suited for cis and trans listeners.

Don’t you dare stifle your moans.

If I want you to be silent, I’ll choke you myself.

You’ve had a hard life, haven’t you?

Well, you’re my captive rabbit now.

Inclusivity Notes:
  • I will be fucking you. I’ve left the specifics of whether it’s vaginal or anal up to you.
  • petnames: human, rabbit, pet, good boy/girl (excluded in F4A)
  • listener descriptors: “wicked little body”, beautiful, lovely

Adapted Script by LateStageInfernalism


  1. Anon

    Decided to post this comment on the word “futa” here so non-patrons could read it as well.

    Futa is NOT word meant to fetishize trans people.
    The word Futa is short for Futanari.
    Futanari is the Japanese word for Hermaphrodite.
    Hermaphrodites are people with male AND FEMALE genitals.
    The ONLY reason futa is seen as a fetish’s term is because of all the futa hentai that exists.

    Bottom line, futa isn’t a term meant to fetishize trans people, it’s a shortened version of a Japanese word meaning something else. It’s 100% ok to use as a tag in these audios.

    1. tired and snuggly transbean

      Futanari as a term and phenomenon came about after trans pornography was imported to Japan and people hearing second hand accounts of said pornography misunderstood it, altered the concept due to transmisogyny or thought it was the same as an older misunderstanding of what intersex bodies are like, itself mostly appearing in the realm of pornography. So it is heavily rooted in fetishisation. And as mentioned by others, hermaphrodite is an offensive term towards intersex people.

  2. Claire

    I really loved this audio and hadn’t been able to finish it because I always come too fast… Unfortunately it seems like Soundgasm has fallen over so I can’t try again! This trans girl would be delighted if you were able to host it somewhere else…

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