Bullying You with Kisses

Bullying You with Kisses

[F4M] / [F4TM] [Fdom] [Tsundere meanie] [Bully] [Lips fetish] [Lipgloss] [Cock-kissing] [Absolutely, totally NOT a blowjob] [Premature ejaculation] [Very fearsome ‘n scary Skitty] [Dubious consent] [Rape] [Blackmail] [Teasing] [Peer pressure] [Cum in mouth] [20min]

It’s been a while since I’ve been a big meanie, and I think I like it!

**PLEASE** review notes below if you’re worried about the name-calling. Also, this is NOT the smoothest 4TF adaption since it relies heavily on the 4M script.
AUDIO: For boys, click here for F4M || For girls, click here for F4TF

Don’t you like getting kissed all over your face?

You look so adorable covered in my glossy kisses.

If you don’t want this, then do something about it.

Tell me to stop. Push me away. I dare you.

Inclusivity Notes:
  • 4TF version: Mentions of jerking off, bulge, cock and balls, wearing a skirt, she/her pronouns, good girl
  • petnames & pejoratives: nerd, pathetic loser, pervert, dork, stupid, dumbass, cutie, good boy/girl, little mouse, puppy, cum cow
  • appearance: cock size? better than expected 🙂

Private Script by KissyGuy


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