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Tag: fdom

Creamy Reward from Mistress

Creamy Reward from Mistress 🍦 [F4A] [Fdom] [Futa] [Naked listener/clothed Skitty] [For my enjoyment] [Suck me off] [BJ] [Look up at me, darling] [Praise] [L-bomb] [6:44 MIN] FREE Preview This was a listener submitted script. Less than 400 words! Skitty is a happy girl and loves her quickies! ❤  Premise: You’ve been waiting patiently for mistress to come home, ready …

Bullying You with Kisses

[F4M] / [F4TM] [Fdom] [Tsundere meanie] [Bully] [Lips fetish] [Lipgloss] [Cock-kissing] [Absolutely, totally NOT a blowjob] [Premature ejaculation] [Very fearsome ‘n scary Skitty] [Dubious consent] [Rape] [Blackmail] [Teasing] [Peer pressure] [Cum in mouth] [20min] Audio via Reddit