Releasing Your Touch-Starved Succubus

Releasing Your Touch-Starved Succubus

ASMR || Releasing Your Touch-Starved Succubus

[F4M] [Fdom] [Sensual] [Monster girl] [CNC] [Playing with my food] [Kisses] [Who’s been a bad boy?] [Pressing you into the bed] [Wrap your body with mine] [Blowjob’n ALL the cock kisses] [Sound effects] [Binaural] [23min]

Follow-up to my YouTube video: Touch-Starved Succubus.

I hope you’re ready for some consensual non-consensual fun 😉

You have such delicious fantasies…such filthy little secrets… When your balls ache for release, it’s my hand, my mouth you imagine wrapped around your cock. It’s my name that escapes from your lips. Who knew you’d be such a bad, bad boy… *kiss*

Script by u/aurallyinclined

I was stuck on this script forever. Aurally was only supposed to help me with the skits, but ended up finishing this beauty of a script for me. So thank this wonderful man for helping me with this story. <3