You’re Finally Awake! Now I Can Take Good Care of You

You’re Finally Awake! Now I Can Take Good Care of You

[F4M] / [F4TF] [ASMR] [Nurse] [Riding you on a hospital bed] [Mentions of voyeurism] but wait she’s a [Manipulative] [Yandere] [Wholesome to crazy] [Knifey sounds] [Rape] [Drugged] [Lactation] [Breastfed] [Forced creampie] [20min]

This story starts off so sweet and wholesome… but just you wait! 🔪

AUDIO: For good boysclick here for F4M || For good girlsclick here for F4TF

Recorded with a 3Dio. Binaural effect best experienced with earbuds/headphones~ 🎧

Extra tags/triggers: threats of needle and scalpel but no pokes or cuts, improper use of diabetic drugs and hormones, forced impreg for male listeners (removed in TF version)

Shhhh. Don’t protest. People might hear us.

You don’t wanna get us in trouble, do you? Come on, you know you want this.

I haven’t had sex with anyone in two years. I’ve been faithful to you and only you.

I want to be with you again.

Inclusivity Notes:

  • 4TF version: mentions of impreg removed. Mentions girlcock/cock.

  • petnames: sweetie, sweetheart, good boy/good girl, kitten (TF)

  • appearance: no mentions of ethnicity or body type

Script by u/4tuneKukee


  1. it is what it is

    I’ve always wanted to be drugged and date raped by a woman but in a seductive and sweet way. Getting drugged and date raped has been a fantasy I’ve always wanted to try.

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