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Tag: breastfeeding

Harder, Faster, Stronger!

Harder, Faster, Stronger! [F4M/F/TF/TM] [4 Versions] [Endurance Test] [Virtual trainer] [Hydrate] with my [Milk] [Suckle on Breasts] [Spit] [Fingering]/[Handjob]/[Cock warming] [Cow girl] [Kegal exercise] [Edging] [Good boy/girl] [Envision your goals!] [Permission to cum] [Countdown] [My champ <3] Boys, if you just want audio version Alt versions via Reddit (F4F/TF/TM/M) This audio is a P@treon early access. Please see Preview for …

Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust

Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust [F4A] [Religious] [Breastplay] [Milk] [Comforting] [Kissing] [Wet sounds] [Ear Licking] lots of [Moans] [Whispers] [Holding you close] [Cumming together] [3Dio] [12:42] Preview & Link As an agonistic, I’m a bit naïve about religion. But hopefully we can still have some fun with this. Will you let me be your naughty nun? 🙂 Premise: Have …

Tall Girlfriend Showers You with Affection

[F4M/TM] [F4F/TF] [Gentlest Fdom] [Shy listener] [Cat boy/girl] [Headpats] [Wholesome] [It’s ok to grind on my thigh] [I love doing embarrassing things with you] [Suckle on me] [Petplay] [Fingering / Handjob] [Kisses galore!] [Aftercare] [Story: FredRiting] [25min+] Headpats and Affection for a Shy Kitten / My Sweet Embarrassed Kitten Reddit Comments

Soft Mommy Catches You With Her Panties

Soft Mommy Catches You with Her Panties [F4M] [Ageplay] [MD/lb] [Sweetness overload!] [Intimate] [Small penis appreciation] [Milk] [Breastfeeding] [Teasing] [Nursing handjob] [Cuddles] Oh! Oh goodness, sweetheart. What are you doing in Mommy’s laundry hamper? … It’s alright baby, Mommy’s not trying to embarrass you.Awwh, oh darling… look at that little bulge in your jammies! Do you wanna play with Mommy …