Tall Girlfriend Showers You with Affection

Tall Girlfriend Showers You with Affection

[F4M/TM] [F4F/TF] [Gentlest Fdom] [Shy listener] [Cat boy/girl] [Headpats] [Wholesome] [It’s ok to grind on my thigh] [I love doing embarrassing things with you] [Suckle on me] [Petplay] [Fingering / Handjob] [Kisses galore!] [Aftercare] [Story: FredRiting] [25min+]

Headpats and Affection for a Shy Kitten / My Sweet Embarrassed Kitten

For good boys, click here for F4M or here for F4TM

For good girls, click here for F4F or here for F4TF

Is this okay? You will tell me if something doesn’t feel right, won’t you?

Good. Because your soft lips are most intoxicating.

Your kisses make me feel warm inside.

I wish I could stay home from work and we could snuggle like this all day.

》Private script by u/FredRiting with alterations by me

Inclusivity Notes:

  • pronouns have been altered for each version
  • mentions of “breasts”, “girl cock”, and “cock” in 4TF
  • no mentions of “pussy” in 4TM, but you’re fingered
  • no size mentions of penis or boobs, you’re just “perfect”
  • no mentions of racial features, but you’re part-cat… so there’s that
  • your body feels “small” in my arms


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