Back From the Shops

Back From the Shops

Back From the Shops

[F4M] [Age regression] [GF to Mommy] [Come in for a drink] [Let me dress you] [Breastfeeding] [Coddling] [Sweet] [Good boy] [13min]

Audio: Wake up, sleepyhead~

My sweet little boy. You’re all tuckered out…

Part 1: The Shopping Treat

Darling… darling, wake up. We’re here now. You fell asleep.

Oh, it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. We had such a long day at the mall, I figured you could do with the rest.

Aw, you look so groggy! You’re murmuring, you’ll have to speak up, okay? How did you get in the car? Oh dear, you must have been even more tired than I realized…

Script by u/Curioussubboy