Secret Playtime Mommy

Secret Playtime Mommy

[Age Regression] [Soft Mommy] [MD/lb] [Gentle Femdom] [Reassurance] [Doting] [Nursing handjob] [Breastfeeding] [Loving] [Reach-around] [Grinding on my ass] [Panty fetish] [Pantyjob] [‘Cum for Mommy!’] [30min]

There’s really no need to be embarrassed about what we do in private.

But we don’t need to tell anyone about it either, if you don’t want to.

It can be our special secret. Just between you and me.

Script by Enno Zalenno

Inclusivity Notes:

  • petnames: good boy/girl, pumpkin, sweetheart, sweetie, prince/princess
  • no alternations for TF genitalia ; cutie has a cock. Penis, cock, stiffie
  • size difference; you are “little”
  • cock size “little”


  1. Hlover

    That was SOOOOO good! Loved the way that you continued to soothe me as I got more and more excited. So comforting, so understanding, so compassionate. Normally I wouldn’t listen to 30 minutes of an audio but with this one I couldn’t stop listening! Thank you so much! Now I feel like resting 🙂

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