Little Fish, Big Dreams: A Bathtub Mermaid

Little Fish, Big Dreams: A Bathtub Mermaid

[F4M] [Fsub] [Adorably sweet] [Wholesome] [Monster girl] [Size difference rectified] [Protect me, Master!] [More than just a pet] [Hugs’n kisses] [A happy as heck cutie] [Innocent lover] [Fingering] [Blowjob] [Loving sex] [23min]

Audio: “Master?! I’m finally big enough to hug you!!”

Once upon a time, you owned a pet mermaid. She was tiny… the size of a shrimp! And she loved you with all her heart. She’d hug your finger every time you reached into her aquarium. But what she really wanted was a real hug. A big hug!

SFW version below. And if you want to listen to the prequel…click here.

I always held out a little bit of hope.

I knew that, with how tiny I was, we could never really be together.

But I always hoped that maybe something magical might happen one day.

Script by u/AuctionableOffense


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