Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy

[F4M] [ASMR] [Switchy] [Cute] [Girlfriend] but [Call me Mommy] [Petplay] [Shhh, don’t speak] [Leash tug] [Straddle]’n [Grind] [Blowjob] [Kisses] [Face sitting] [3Dio Thigh squish] [Use your tongue] [Good puppy] [Luv you] [Bed squeaks] [Mutual orgasm] [Binaural] [11min]

Switchy Skitty wants you collared. Pls :3

I was feeling inspired and made this little audio for you. Join me on my content couch. Let me sit on you!

🎧 Please use headphones for this audio. It’ll be much more immersive~

AUDIO: For my good boy🧡

I got you a little something…

Can I put it on you? Pretty please?

I think you’d look cute <3

Let me know if you think it’s too tight

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: good boy, puppy

  • no descriptive body mentions


  1. Chris N.

    Loved the bed sound effects. I like the idea of being collared and leashed by Skitty. Wouldn’t mind if she also had ankle and wrist cuffs, in case her puppy disobeys the “only mommy gets to touch—mommy’s in charge” rule.

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