Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy

[F4M] [ASMR] [Switchy] [Cute] [Girlfriend] but [Call me Mommy] [Petplay] [Shhh, don’t speak] [Leash tug] [Straddle]’n [Grind] [Blowjob] [Kisses] [Face sitting] [3Dio Thigh squish] [Use your tongue] [Good puppy] [Luv you] [Bed squeaks] [Mutual orgasm] [Binaural] [11min]

Switchy Skitty wants you collared. Pls :3

I was feeling inspired and made this little audio for you. Join me on my content couch. Let me sit on you!

🎧 Please use headphones for this audio. It’ll be much more immersive~

AUDIO: For my good boy🧡

I got you a little something…

Can I put it on you? Pretty please?

I think you’d look cute <3

Let me know if you think it’s too tight

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: good boy, puppy

  • no descriptive body mentions


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