Mistress Comforts You With More Than Kind Words

Mistress Comforts You With More Than Kind Words

[F4M] [F4F] [F4TM] [F4TF] Mistress Comforts You With More Than Kind Words [ASMR] [Gentle Fdom] [Shy listener] [Wholesome] [Lots of Kisses] [Good girl/boy] [Body Appreciation] [Breastplay] [Fingering] [Whimper and plead] [Handholding] [Aftercare] [I want you to feel safe] [20min+]

What if others hear us? Good. I want them to.

⚠️ Please read the Inclusivity Notes below. If you get a surprised finger up your butt, I tried to warn you.

Make sure to let your pretty voice out for me,
I want to know where you’re most sensitive.
So I can hit that spot over and over again,
making you beg for more.
Private F4F script by Iris. Revisions by Skitty.

Inclusivity Notes:

  • your petnames: You’re my maid, also my fuckable little toy, good boy/girl. I also call you cute, adorable, and precious.

  • body mentions: No specific size mentions. Your face gets flushed from embarrassment.

  • F4F: I play with your nipples, and finger your pretty wet pussy.

  • F4M: I play with your cock, and finger your ass [Anal], milking your prostate. [Spit] to lubricate.

  • F4TF: You have “cock” and balls to be milked. No breastplay. If you’d like nipple stimulation, you can safely listen to the F4F version. However, you will have “clit” and “pussy” instead. I lick my fingers after fingering you… just fyi.

  • F4TM: I stimulate your nipples. I finger your “entrance” and you have a “clit”. No mentions of “breasts” or “pussy”.


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