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Sweet Naughty Puppy Requests a Blowie

Sweet Naughty Puppy Requests a Blowie [F4M/TF] [Fsub] [Dog girl] [Master/pet] [Ddlg/Mdlg] [Naive] [Eager] [Loving] [Headpats] [Kisses] [I want you to feel good] [Love your scent] [Licking] [Very eager BJ] [Your forever good girl] [Deep mouthpie] [L-bomb] [Cuddles] Script: FredRiting Preview Audio In the original script, it’s a master/pet dynamic. However, I was in a mood for mommy/daddy. So there’s …

Sweet Release

Sweet Release [F4F] / [F4TF] [GFE] [ASMR] [Encouragement] [Mutual masturbation] [Ear licking] [Moaning] [Good girl] [Body appreciation] [Breast play] [Kissing] [Fingering/Rubbing] [Our little fantasy] [Slow’n steady] [Sweet talk] [Needy] [Breathless finish] [Wholesome] [L-bombs] [OC] [17min] Audio via Reddit

Bewitching a Cutie to Cum

[F4M] [Hypnosis] [ASMR] [Gentle trance] [Supernatural] [Witch] [Kissing] [Good boy] [Pumpkin, I need your seed] [Sweet] [Oh so relaxing~] [Blowjob] [Magical] [Cock kisses] [Breathing exercises] [“Melt” for me] [Countdowns] [Long cuddly aftercare] [Binaural] [40min] Reddit Comments NSFW 42min SFW 20min NSFW 42min