Ramble: Sit Down with Skitty

Ramble: Sit Down with Skitty

Sit down with Mommy [F4M] [Gentle] [Sweet] [Boobies!] [So soft] [Age regression] [Good boy] [No finish, just tease] [Script: Anon] [3:35]
Happy Friday! Hope you all had a lovely week. Thought I’d get you all caught up on what I’ve been up to. Cuddle up with me and my plush, and we’ll test out some crinkly ASMR glove sounds.
✧✦ ılılı New NSFW coming soon! ılılı ✦✧
Fucking You Raw for Your Pretty Moans [F4M] / [F4F] [FDom] [Binaural] [Possessive] [Mistress/mommy] [BDSM] [Consensual] [Teasing] [Pillow grinding] [Blindfolded] [Ropeplay] [Safeword] [Anal] [Strap-on] [Vibrator] [Tipping you over the edge] [Kisses] [Good boy/girl] [Pummeled by Skitty] [Aftercare] [20min]
  • Really excited about this one. I get to lay you down in bed, tie you up, and have my way with you. All consensually of course. You chose to be here.
  • F4M version edited and sent off to beta
  • Need to edit the F4F good girl version
  • Add in beta’s revision suggestions
  • It will be a GWA post, follow Twitter for release. Skitty is stuck at work this weekend, so it’ll likely be early next week. 
✧✦ ılılı This Month’s Content ılılı ✦✧
  • YouTube Alt. – Skitty Yeets Pets! 2 Hour Vtuber stream
  • YouTube – Thicc Wolf Girl Secretly Likes You [F4A] [mommy vibes] [reverse comfort] [complex past] [headpats]
  • Patreon – Common Phobias…What do you fear? [28min] 
  • Patreon – You’re my Snack 🍎 [F4A] [ASMR] [SFW] [I chomp you] [Ear licking] [Whispers] [Hungy] [Gremlin mode] [Silly short] [5:47]

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