Skitty is “Cult Leader Material”!! Wanna join my club?

Skitty is “Cult Leader Material”!! Wanna join my club?

Plans for this month~

Patreon Exclusive:

  • [F4M/TF] A Morning Pounding [Fdom to fsub] [Blowjob] [Doggystyle] to [Pronebone] [Workout] [Rough fucking] [Mild self-degradation] [Creampie to paint her back] [Post-workout Pancakes!] Script: aurally
  • I told you I was gonna give you a morning workout. Up and at ’em!!

Previous audios in the workout series:

  • Your Fitness Goal is to Fill Me with Your Cum [F4M/TF] [Virtual assistant] [Encouragement] [Workout] [Blowjob] [Mating Press] [On my back] [Pull my shorts aside] [Sexy dolphin shorts] [Pound my pussy] [Creampie] [Out of breath] [Hydrate] & [Motivate] [Let’s get healthy together!]
  • Harder, Faster, Stronger! [F4M/F/TF/TM] [4 Versions] [Endurance Test] [Virtual trainer] [Hydrate] with my [Milk] [Suckle on Breasts] [Spit] [Fingering]/[Cock warming] [Cow girl] [Kegal exercise] [Edging] [Good boy/girl] [Envision your goals!] [Permission to cum] [Countdown] [My champ]

⭐ Patreon Ramble:

Tell me your funny, silly, wholesome pet stories, and I’ll read them!

Ideas: What is your “my pet is a dick” story? If your pet had a shame sign, what would it say? What did they do??!

✏️ >> Submit story here! <<

YouTube Audio: [mystery audio]…

If I say anything, the writer will 🗡️ me!

Possible Future Audios~

  • SFW: Cozy up in a teashop a new character from skittyverse
  • SFW: “Gotta slow down”… write a Sonic the Hedgehog script. Why? Cuz… I wanna.
  • NSFW: (maybe) follow up to “Goth Girl sits on your face for a Succubus Summoning” with Goth girl x Succubus x listener audio
  • SFW: vampire girl sequel, partially shelved until I find inspiration
  • SFW: Beach audio?

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Ps. I lied. There is no club. Sorry >_<

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