Why aren’t your audio links working

Why aren’t your audio links working

Dec 2021 Update: Soundgasm should be working now.

Q: Is Soundgasm down?

A: Maybe. It can be slow. Please check again later. https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/soundgasm.net.html

Q: Can you reupload your audios to skittykat.cc in the meantime?

A: I have 100+ audios to find, export, upload, and update. It’s not feasible for me at this current time. Not without sacrificing time and effort I want to put towards new content.

Q: When is Sensoral coming?

A: To be determined. And not soon enough to bandaid our current situation.

Q: I am [someone with xyz expertise], can I help with Sensoral’s development?

A: Thank you! I love the enthusiasm and support, but right now I’m okay. As the project moves along, I may need help, and I will ask for it probably publicly via Twitter.

Q: Should I go message StealthAudio about Soundgasm?

A: Probably not. I’m sure he’s swamped with DMs and messages at this point. Leave the man alone and give him some space.

Q: What about other audio websites? 

A: I am not the first person to offer an Soundgasm alternative. Several exist already, however, they do not currently have backing from the GWA mods. Third-party sites are also an option, however, they may not  support NSFW content. Once upon a time, GWA existed on Soundcloud until their Terms of Services were updated.

Q: What can I do?

A: Patience.


I’m gonna hide in a hole, hunker down, and hopefully get some work done.

Much Love,



  1. Chris N.

    The above message was received via email. Thank you for the update Skitty, and your dedication to your fans. Don’t forget, even Skitty needs rest, too—save a pillow and warm blanket for yourself.

    1. Gabriella P.

      Take all the time you need, Skitty! Your rest is valid just as much as everyone else’ and I’m glad you’re taking the time to take care of yourself. 💕 Make sure to stay warm this season. Much love ❤️

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