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Earn my cock, Sweet Pet

[F4M / F4F / F4A] Earn my cock, Sweet Pet [Gentle Fdom] [Petplay] a [Princess] and her [Virgin] [Puppy / Kitten] [You’re my property now] [Obey] [Praise] [Breastplay] [Kissing] [BJ] [Fingering] [Body appreciation] Skitty has a [Thicc cock] [Doggy] [Missionary] you get [Creampie]’d [Script fill]: SIM Audio via Reddit Version for Puppies: (see Reddit link for Kitten)

My Little Prince

My Little Prince 👑 [F4M] [Gentlest Fdom] [Girlfriend to mommy] [Mdlb] [Age regression] [3Dio ASMR] [Comforting] [Slow build] [Tucking in] a [Shy] [Good boy] with [Kisses] [Handjob] [Suckle on mommy] [Lots of encouragement] [Missionary] [Leg locked] [I love you] [Wholesome] [Aftercare] [26min] FREE Preview This is a long but very comfy roleplay. I decided to use the 3dio for this …