Tumble and Kissing in Our Pillowfort

Tumble and Kissing in Our Pillowfort

Tumble and Kiss in our Pillowfort [F4M] [Obviously we’re gonna fuck too] [Friends to Lovers] [Wholesome] [Vanilla] [Need more pillows] [Better than IKEA] [Love confession] [Lots o’ kisses] [Handjob] [Fingering] [Hold me tighter, fuck me faster] [Leg locked] [Creampie ‘n cuddles] [Script: 4tuneKukee]

Oh my gosh, we’re holding hands?! LEWD.
I wish we could go back and slow down time,
Maybe I’d do things differently.
But I know… I’d still want you.
Adapted Script by 4tuneKukee
Inclusivity Notes:
  • petnames: big boy (jokingly)
  • listener descriptors: just the “big” mention above, but you have a perfect cock.
NB version
  • petnames: none. no gender mentions.
  • listener descriptors: no size mentions, but you have a perfect cock
SFW [F4A] (No sex, just confession and kisses)
NSFW [Nonbinary] [Cock mentions] (Full version)


  1. Violet Rose

    Lovely work as always <3. You're my favourite audio performer I've found, I love your voice, your passion and most of all your inclusivity. As a trans woman it is always a surprise and absolute pleasure to find things that are trans friendly. Thank you for doing what you do and posting on your personal site!

    1. SkittyKat

      Thank you! I try my best, but someone just informed me that I let a gender mention slip through in the NSFW audio. I just posted a new NB version to fix my mistake. Sincerest apologies if you’ve listened already and caught my flub.

  2. Last time I was involved in a pillow fort construction, we shot rubber bands back and forth, with bang snaps tied to them so they’d pop on impact (be safe: wear safety glasses). Concrete basement walls, so no worries about scorch marks.

  3. Josiah Meade

    As a dude, this was making me stroke the whole thing no matter how tired my arm got. Then that “cum in me to keep me warm” daddy energy kicked in, was shaking like a friggin vibrator. Only SkittyKat does this to me. Got me drinking Pedialyte after to rehydrate XD

  4. Remy

    Wow! From start to finish, I was completely captivated! I absolutely loved this, even though it kinda broke my heart just a little… to elaborate just a bit, my childhood sweetheart was my first true love, and to this day, 32 years later, there’s still a part of me that’s in love with her… I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be together, but I still wonder, rather frequently at times, what life would have been like if she and I had ended up together all those years ago… just have to settle with having her in my life as my best friend, because through everything, we’ve always been there for one another… this audio gave me a little bit better of a glimpse at what could have been. Thank you so much for that, Skitty.

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