Catgirl Knocks Over Your Christmas Tree

Catgirl Knocks Over Your Christmas Tree

Catgirl Knocks Over Your Christmas Tree  [F4M] / [F4TF] [Sorry, not sorry] [Mischievous] [Fsub] [Girlfriend] [Fuckies ‘n snuggies] [Wholesome] [Curious about your taste] [Cock licks] [Gentle facefuck] [Breed her] [Good girl, bad kitten] [Whimpers] [Faster!] [Hold me] [Creampie] [Script: FredRiting]

I’m a cat. I like knocking things over. Specifically… anything that belongs to you. 😼

AUDIO: For boys, click here for F4M || For girls, click here for F4TF

You wished for a cat, right?

Santa knew you also wanted a girlfriend!

So I’m both! A cat-girl girlfriend just for you!


Inclusivity Notes:

  • petnames: [F4M] master, boyfriend, sir; [F4TF] mistress, girlfriend, ma’am
  • listener descriptors: no specific mentions of “cock”


  1. Joey

    “I wanna be your good girl and your BAD kitten” DED I’m dead… ya killed me Skitty, that was to much this time. I don’t know how but you always keep topping yourself over and over again! Thank you for always giving us top tier content. I hope you have an amazing new year and an awesome 2022 Skitty, we love ya girl

  2. Ceres

    I’ve loved this audio so much but I found it originally on PH and had to power through misgendering to listen to this cuteness. But seeing you made a 4TF version made me so happy and felt really validating and made me happy!! Keep doing you Skitty youre amazing :3

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