Author: <span>SkittyKat</span>

Author: SkittyKat

Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust

Sweet Nun Purifies you of Lust [F4A] [Religious] [Breastplay] [Milk] [Comforting] [Kissing] [Wet sounds] [Ear Licking] lots of [Moans] [Whispers] [Holding you close] [Cumming together] [3Dio] [12:42] Preview & Link As an agonistic, I’m a bit naïve about religion. But hopefully we can still have some fun with this. Will you let me be your naughty nun? 🙂 Premise: Have …

Will You Spot Me, Please

Will You Spot Me, Please? 🏋️‍♀️ [F4M] [Cute girl] [Strangers to Future Gym Buddies] [Outercourse] [Yoga Pants] [Wet Spot] [Exhibitionism] [Teasing] [Dirty Talk] mentions of [Squirting] [Almost orgasm] [Maybe more?] [10min] + Bonus Outtake Preview & Link Always wipe your gym equipment down, okay? It’s common courtesy. This lil script was provide by Sliderx17! Gosh, it made me miss going …

Collar for My Good Boy

Collar for My Good Boy [F4M] [ASMR] [Switchy] [Cute] [Girlfriend] but [Call me Mommy] [Petplay] [Shhh, don’t speak] [Leash tug] [Straddle]’n [Grind] [Blowjob] [Kisses] [Face sitting] [3Dio Thigh squish] [Use your tongue] [Good puppy] [Luv you] [Bed squeaks] [Mutual orgasm] [Binaural] [11min] Audio via Reddit

It’s Not Just Tiny, It’s Adorable!

It’s Not Just Tiny, It’s Adorable! [F4M/TF] [BFF to BFF with benefits] [Playful] [Peptalk] [Petting] [Glossy kisses] [More kisses!] [Small peen appreciation] [Kissjob] [Facial] [16min] Writer: Kissy Preview & Link Ngl, your best friend is kinda weird. I think she just wants an excuse to kiss you. Premise: Your BFF wants you to know you have nothing to worry about in …

Sweet Release

Sweet Release [F4F] / [F4TF] [GFE] [ASMR] [Encouragement] [Mutual masturbation] [Ear licking] [Moaning] [Good girl] [Body appreciation] [Breast play] [Kissing] [Fingering/Rubbing] [Our little fantasy] [Slow’n steady] [Sweet talk] [Needy] [Breathless finish] [Wholesome] [L-bombs] [OC] [17min] Audio via Reddit

Creamy Reward from Mistress

Creamy Reward from Mistress 🍦 [F4A] [Fdom] [Futa] [Naked listener/clothed Skitty] [For my enjoyment] [Suck me off] [BJ] [Look up at me, darling] [Praise] [L-bomb] [6:44 MIN] FREE Preview This was a listener submitted script. Less than 400 words! Skitty is a happy girl and loves her quickies! ❤  Premise: You’ve been waiting patiently for mistress to come home, ready …

Always come for big sis, okay?

[F4M] / [F4F] Always come for big sis, okay? [Gentle Fdom] [Step-siblings] [Incest] [You’re obviously an adult] [Comfort] [Caught off guard] [Shy listener] [Handjob / Fingering] [Stop and go] [Wet sounds] [Moan for me] [Praise] [Kisses] [Proud of you] [A little ASMR] [Wholesome] [9 min] Audio via Reddit