Tag: <span>praise</span>

Tag: praise

Countdown with Mommy

Countdown with Mommy [F4M/TF] [Gentle Fdom] [Playful] [Kisses] [You’re perfect] [Teasing] [Good Boy/Girl] [Blowjob] [Cock/Girl cock mentions] [Cuddle’n head scritchies] [10min] [Script: AurallyInclined] Pornhub version is for Good Boys… [F4M]

You’ll Make Such a Good Pet

You’ll make such a good pet [F4M] [Fdom] [Vampire] [Kidnapped] [Virgin] [Tied-up] [Rape] [Playing with your little cock] [Handjob] [Beg for it] [Happy fappy sounds] [Premature ejaculation] [Post-orgasm blowjob] [Cock kisses] [Whispers] [Praise] [Hair stroking] [Stereo] [14min] Listen on Reddit