The Dark Lord’s Catgirl Slave

The Dark Lord’s Catgirl Slave

The Dark Lord's Catgirl Slave

[F4M] [Fsub] [Caught masturbating] [Brainwashed] [Yes, sir] [Blowjob] [Cock Kisses] [Big cock worship] [Needy whimpers] [Take her from behind] [Break in your kitten] [Mindfuck her ‘til she begs for it] [Rape] [Cuddles] [Give HEADPATS! pls] [24min]

Audio: Join the Darkside

I am easily swayed by pats, cookies, and…cock.

Note: Two ‘gasms. One after your blowjob, and then a creampie. See if you can hold off.

Want more kitten? Satisfy me please! Or are you just here for the darkside’s cookies? 🍪🍪🍪


Oh gosh… I… I shouldn’t touch myself. Not for him…

But he can’t brainwash me if I’m not horny anymore.

I’ll be satisfied after I cum, and I’ll be safe!

If I don’t do this, I’ll be vulnerable, and he’ll get inside my head again.

All the way inside…

Original script by u/Orpheus_the_Traveler