You’ll Make Such a Good Pet

You’ll Make Such a Good Pet

You'll make such a good pet

[F4M] [Fdom] [Vampire] [Kidnapped] [Virgin] [Tied-up] [Rape] [Playing with your little cock] [Handjob] [Beg for it] [Happy fappy sounds] [Premature ejaculation] [Post-orgasm blowjob] [Cock kisses] [Whispers] [Praise] [Hair stroking] [Stereo] [14min]

Audio: Wake up…ūü¶á

Now come here, I need a small nibble.

Beg me to touch your little cock. Beg me.


You are too cute <3

Ahh…now doesn’t that feel good?…and look at all that precum!

Now that’s the sweet stuff I’m after.

Based off a script by u/cum_lot || Art from Valkyrie Crusade