Facedown, Kitten

Facedown, Kitten

Facedown, Kitten

[F4M] [Fsub] [Petplay] [Anal] [Spanks] [Fucked] [Hard] in [Prone position] [Breath Play] [Muffled cries] [Sorry, sorry, sorry] [Rape] [6min]

Audio: Can’t Breath!  😫

Someone asked for “prone bone role-play… moan face-down into pillow, moan while biting a pillow, moan like you’re losing it.” …okay I gotchu, bro sir.

Part 1: Borrowed Kitten

Mister? Master called me and said I wasn’t done serving you.

He said to fetch the lube and bend over for round two.

Yes… In my ass. I don’t know why master wants me to give my butt away to you.

It hurts even when master uses it…