Hi, I’m Skittles!

Hi, I’m Skittles!

Hi, I'm Skittles!

[F4M] [Silly] [Fsub] [Candy girl] [Taste the rainbow] [Get your Butterfingers in me] [Your little KitKat] [Shove that Mr. Big in me] [Cadbury cream me!] [Script by u/ravishagirl] [6min]

Audio: Taste me!…🍭

Shit-posty fun~ May I have a taste of your candy cane?

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Get your thick butterfingers inside me! Make me squeal like a little kit kat.
I’ll be your almond joy! I’ll be your cookie! Your cute lil peanut butter cup!
I’ll be your Cadbury egg~ all wet and gooey!
Just fill me with cream!

Script: u/ravishagirl