Space Girls

Space Girls

Space Girls!

[FFFFFF4A] Space Girls! [Ft. Lupine, Nightfawn, Ruby, Ruthie, Skitty, and Garden_Slumber][TentacleMonster] [Breeding] [Rape] [Ovipositor] [Anal] [Vaginal] [Gagging] [Multiple Orgasm] [Ahegao] [Bondage] [Space Opera] [Tentacles] [Science Fiction] [Mayday] [Script Fill] [Tentacles Everywhere] [56min]

Audio: Space Girls!

An epic, hour long space opera bringing you the tale of a young hacker genius who steals the flagship vessel of the Space Girls Space Force Fleet in hopes of finding action, adventure and, of course, exciting, new sexual experiences!

While commandeering the ship, she accidentally lets out a collection of dangerous, biological breeding experiments.. Can the Crew of the S.G.S.F. Starship Betweenherthighs regain control of the creatures and their ship before it’s too late?

Well.. you’ll just have to listen and find out…

Cast & Credits:

RubySeaWitch as The S.L.U.T || Skitty_GWA as The Spacecraft Pilot || nightfawn as The Engineer || garden_slumber as The Stowaway || FieldsOfLupine as The Captain || RuthieRen as The Biologist

Written by RavishAGirl

Special Thanks to LateStageInfernalism