Taming of the Succubus

Taming of the Succubus

Taming of the Succubus

[F4M] [Supernatural] [Monster girl] [Incest] [Big brother, help me!] [Size difference] [BJ] [Licking] [Cum twice] [Kissing] [Rough] [Slapping] [Begging] [Nipple biting] [Fucktoy] [Creampie] [L-bombs] [25min+]


You taste delicious, brother! 😈

You’ve been away for so long! I’ve missed you <3

This script was requested by a special listener~

FYI: [Rape] and [Mind control] were in the original script post, but they’re so subtle, I left it out.

B-brother?… I’m sorry for disturbing you.

I know you want to spend the first day of your leave alone… but you’re the only one I can talk to about this.

I don’t think Mother or Father would take it very well.

N-no, I’m not hurt! Well… not exactly. It’s not very easy to explain.

You really need to see it to understand. Just promise me you won’t freak out?

Script by u/Branford6